AXARQUIA NEWS: Velez-Malaga infrastructure updates in progress

PLUS POINTS: The council pointed out the works represented better infrastructure and services as well as creating jobs. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento do Velez-Malaga

IMPROVEMENTS to Velez-Malaga infrastructure and services continue to progress, the local council says.

Works are currently being carried out on a number of streets in the municipality with the aim of increasing road safety thanks to the 2019-2020 Rural Employment Development Programme.

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Mayor Antonio Moreno Ferrer and Infrastructure councillor Juan Garcia paid a recent visit to one set of works on the Calle Manzanilla pavement.

Moreno Ferrer took the opportunity to comment on “the importance of different administrations working together to make such important necessary improvements possible, and which meet the municipal government’s priority of guaranteeing the quality of municipal infrastructure and services to benefit the safety and well-being of our residents, also favouring the creation of employment.”

Commenting specifically on the Calle Manzanilla project, Juan Garcia explained the pavement had been too narrow and had had obstacles for people with limited mobility, plus the paving stones had been in a pretty poor state of repair.

Hence the pavement is being widened and elements which hindered pedestrians are being removed. In addition cabling is being run underground.

The project has a €75,000 budget and is expected to take two and a half months to complete.

“This specific project will mean contracting 72 people, 65 labourers and seven officials,  strengthening the generation of employment and wealth in Velez-Malaga”, the councillor affirmed.


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