Under arrest in Murcia for assaulting wife and child

CHARGES: The husband was arrested in a suspected case of gender-based violence. CREDIT: Murcia Policia Local Twitter @MurciaPolicia

MURCIA Local Police arrested a 39-year old man for assaulting his wife and his nine-year old child at their home in the Alquerias district.

In a post on the Local Police’s Twitter feed said officers acting in collaboration with the EPAF Family Protection and Attention team detained the husband for a suspected crime of gender-based violence.

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According to reports the Local Police went to the family home at around 10pm and found a woman with her face covered in blood, seemingly from an injury to her nose. She reportedly told the officers had has husband had given the son a telling off over homework and hit the child with a plastic stick.

Then when she tried to intervene stop the husband from attacking the nine-year old he punched her in the face.

A health team took the woman and child to a hospital for treatment.

The detainee, a Moroccan citizen, was arrested and taken to the police station.


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