Europe would welcome independent Scotland according to former EU president

Donald Tusk Credit: European Parliament flick

THE former European Union President, Donald Tusk has irritated the British government just days after Brexit by saying that an independent Scotland would receive an “enthusiastic” reception if it wanted to re-join the EU.

Whilst accepting that Scotland could not automatically be accepted into the Union, he told Andrew Marr of the BBC that he believed that there might be a case to give the newly independent State a special new process speed up the application.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab immediately responded to Mr Tusk’s comments and said “I think it was frankly un-European and irresponsible given the secessionist, separatist tendencies in Spain, France and Italy,”


He suggested that Scotland had a great opportunity to take advantage of the UK’s new found freedom and warned the SNP that they should accept the results of both the Brexit referendum and that of Scottish Independence by recognising that a divided UK would be unworkable.


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