Costa Blanca News: Preventing gender violence in Elda

Eradicating the scourge: Prevention talks for students. Credit: Twitter

MAYOR of Elda, Rubén Alfaro, has presented the 2019 Report of the Gender Violence Unit (Viogen) of the Local Police.

Rubén Alfaro has assured that “It is still a priority task of the local government, that in collaboration with the rest of public administrations we work for the eradication of this scourge. We participate through the State Pact against Gender Violence to receive subsidies and grants through the Ministry of Interior. ”

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Alfaro wanted to highlight three aspects, such as “the more than 1,200 students who have gone through the prevention talks that have been made in the classrooms of Secondary, Bachelor and FP. Second, the trust by the Police in the assignment of monitoring, protection and assessment of women victims of gender violence by our Viogen Unit, and finally, the inclusion of quality control and evaluation system of our gender violence unit, with a series of surveys aimed at teachers in schools. ”



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