COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Orihuela gets into full spirit of medieval market

PROCLAMATION: Orihuela declared itself a medieval town for the weekend. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Orihuela

ORIHUELA got into the full spirit of the weekend’s medieval market.

The colourful event officially got off to a start with last year’s ‘La Armengola’ Gloria Quesada reading out the traditional proclamation from the Town Hall balcony.

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The La Armengola is a fictitious figure from Orihuela’s history.

“Rejoice! Our streets are full of light and colour once again. The senses announce that daily monotony has no place in Orihuela this weekend”, Quesada told the crowd.

Joined by officials including local Festivities councillor Mariola Rocamora, Deputy Mayor Rafael Almagro, and the Moors and Christians Association President Pepe Vergara, La Armengola declared the market ready for business with the words “that the gates to our great town be wide open to recover the splendor of past centuries. That the garlands and pennants which adorn our town cry out to the four winds that Orihuela is medieval.”

A lively street procession complete with music and medieval characters kept the fun atmosphere going.


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