COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Snowed in vagrant rescued from Beires mountains

TREK: The volume of snow made it heavy going CREDIT: Mas que Guardia Civil Facebook

GUARDIA Civil have rescued a snowed in vagrant from a bivouac shelter in the Beires mountains.

Daytrippers hiking and skiing in the area had reported to the Guardia there was someone living in the La Polarda shelter who had become cut-off by heavy snowfall without sufficient food to survive.

A Guardia rescue team was dispatched to check out the situation. Forced to go part of the way on foot due to the accumulation of snow, the officers found 49-year old F.J.G.L. of no fixed abode camped out in the shelter with no provisions.


It turned out he had been staying there for three months with two dogs for company, and when able doing regular 20-kilometre treks for supplies to Ohanes.

The team decided to evacuate the 49-year old and his dogs, which proved to be “very difficult due to the amount of snow and the tiredness of the assisted man”, the Guardia reported.

They were taken to Alhama de Almeria, where the necessary administrative procedures were carried out to get him into the Almeria Municipal Hostel.



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