Costa Blanca News: Murcia punished for payment delays

Payment delays: President of Murcia, Fernando López Miras CREDIT: Twitter

THE Treasury has punished Murcia for repeatedly breaching the maximum period of payment to suppliers. After a long series of warnings, the ministry has kicked off the process to withhold funds to the community and directly assume the disbursement of the bills that it has to pay.

The Treasury has warned the Murcia government since 2016 about its payment delays and has now decided to take out the artillery provided by the Stability Law. This rule contemplates the application of “preventive, corrective” and, ultimately, “coercive” measures when communities delay payment for more than 60 days and the infraction lasts for more than two months.

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Specifically, the ministry informed them that it will apply a withholding of its income due to the breach of the maximum period during the months of August and September 2019 (the average was 76.22 and 89.46 days, respectively). In November of last year, the latest data available, Murcia was not, however, the community that took the longest time to pay the companies that provide goods and services. Cantabria beat him, with an average payment of 90 days.





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