Costa Blanca News: Community programme launches in Los Alcazares

Student participation: Teachings on the risks of drugs and alcohol CREDIT: Twitter

THIS week sees the launch of the “Community Argos Programme” in Los Alcazares for another year. The programme that will end on February 21 will see a collaboration between the Health Centre of Los Alcazares,

Compulsory Secondary Education Centers: Antonio Menárguez Costa and Las Claras del Mar Menor, and Los Alcazares Town Council, through its Department of Social Policy and Equality.

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The “Argos Programme” began in the course of 2012/2013 for students of 1st year of ESO, under the name of ALCOHOL: CONSCIENCE WITH SCIENCE, its main objective being to report the risks of alcohol.

This same programme was extended to second-year students of the ESO with three other teaching units “Drugs: ALTACAN” which include, in addition to the prevention of alcohol consumption, the prevention of tobacco and cannabis use.

A total of 21 groups of students of 1st and 2nd ESO will participate during the coming weeks helping young people maintain a healthier lifestyle through Teaching Units provided by the Ministry of Health Education.


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