Costa Blanca News: Commercial area pushes on with builds in Elche

New area for growth: Combining its industrial activity with leisure. CREDIT: Twitter

WHILE the Polígono de Carrús and Elche Parque Empresarial are going to enroll in the Ivace aid to improve some of its streets, signs, green areas and parking lots, there are other areas currently in transformation but also still in use. This is the case of Elche’s Altabix estate, which has been combining its industrial activity with leisure for many years, having been one of the popular areas for nightclubs. However, the Consistory has other plans for it as they will convert it into a commercial and service area.

In fact, the Altabix area has traditionally been, at least in recent times, better known for leisure and party than industrial activity, which made sense decades ago when the city had not developed urbanistically and was an isolated section of ​​the town. In the middle of 2020, it will be surrounded by important endowments such as the Sports City and within an expanding neighbourhood. In fact, a Lidl has recently been opened, the largest of the two in the town, and a petrol station next door

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Although these are the most recent openings, a Mercadona is to be built at the end of the street, where Viper Rent a Car was, which is finishing its new headquarters opposite. In short, the idea is that the industrial plots that have remained within the urban area will be used for tertiary use to generate this evolution in the service area.





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