COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Winter sports market key to year-round tourism in Mojacar

TALKS: Discussions centred on projects aimed at attracting customers and events. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Almeria

THE Almeria provincial government Deputy President has been in Mojacar to see first-hand the results of efforts to break the seasonal nature of tourism in the area, with a particular focus on the winter sports market.

Fernando Gimenez visited Servigroup’s Hotel Marina Mar in Marina de la Torre to discuss upgrades and projects aimed at attracting customers and events with local Tourism councillor Emmanuel Agüero, Servigroup Area Director Rafael Escudero and Deputy Hotel Director,Rosa Fernandez.

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During the course of the day’s tour Gimenez showed he was keen to find more about what was being done in the province by both the business community and local authorities.

“The Diputacion de Almeria and the provincial Tourism Board must work together to make sure the Costa Almeria brand is well known and that our destination becomes a greater force with even more visitors”, he commented.

The Hotel Marina Mar remains open year-round, working with various sectors of the sports world, including cycling, motorcycling, athletics and paddle tennis.
Sporting enthusiasts gather here throughout the winter, brought together by the leading companies which organise national and international sporting events. Both amateurs and their supporters, as well as professionals from European official teams use the hotel, not only for accommodation and events, but also as a place to focus and train ahead upcoming competitions.

The Marina Mar has been busy adapting its facilities to the needs of this type of client and has specific facilities for sporting visitors. There are designated outbuildings with workshops for motorcycles, cars and bicycles, as well private recreation areas and meeting rooms to work on team strategies.

After an intense day of competing or training guests also have at their disposal outdoor and heated swimming pools, a gym, a spa offering sports massages, along with a full catering service that is able to provide specific menus suitable for those in training.

Rafael Escudero and Emmanuel Agüero updated Fernando Gimenez on this season’s projects and the important achievements made over the last few years to combat seasonality.

The delegate said he was delighted to see the hotel’s “superb” facilities, praising the work done by Servigroup and the local authority, who “have known how to find what is within the province’s resources, which are fundamentally natural, then combine them with professionalism and a good infrastructure for visitors, to create the perfect equation for successful tourism in Mojacar and, across the province.”


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