COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Checking maximum safety on school buses in Adra

PRIORITY: The children’s safety is the main concern, the council stressed CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

LOCAL Police in Adra will be running a five-day campaign next week to ensure there is maximum security on school buses.

Starting on Monday the force will be stepping up inspections on school transport vehicles and checks on drivers, particularly on conventional roads and urban streets.

Officers will be checking vehicles’ technical conditions, safety measures, authorisations and documentation and driver rest times, among other matters.


The campaign is in compliance with the Directorate General of Traffic’s surveillance and controls special campaign and operations programmed for 2020.

“Many pupils use schools buses every day, and their safety is the top priority, hence why this kind of campaign is necessary”, commented Adra Safety councillor Patricia Berenguel.

At the same the councillor pointed out that “the annual accident figures reflect that this is a safe sector, and this is how it should continue.”

Speeding and distractions are the main causes of accidents involving these kinds of vehicles she said, underlining the importance of using seat belts, whether the journey is long or short.

“On a school bus the safety belt is life, and it is essential that we all remember that”, she warned.


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