COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Adra recognised for E-waste recycling efforts

PLEDGE: Adra council says it will continue to make recycling of all kinds and caring for the environment a priority CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

ADRA council has been recognised for its efforts on recycling electronic and electric devices.

The local authority was one of just nine in Andalucia and the only one in Almeria to receive the ‘RAEE Implicate’ award from the FAEL Andalucia Federation of Electrical Appliances and Other Home Equipment for its commitment to the so-called ‘circular economy’, a system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources.

A council delegation including the councillors for Presidency and Sustainable Development, Jose Crespo and Antonio Sanchez, travelled to Seville for the award ceremony.


“It is an honour for this council that our work and the joint effort of Adra residents in caring for the environment is recognised”, Crespo commented.

He pledged the Adra administration will “continue working on this line, as recycling, not only electronic and electric devices, but all kinds of waste, like clothes, batteries, oil, glass, packaging and paper, is a priority in our route map.”

The Sustainable Development councillor explained that more than 32 tonnes of electronic and electric devices were deposited at the municipal collection point in the La Alcoholera industrial estate last year.

“Electronic devices and domestic electrical appliances are a type of waste for specific management and treatment, hence correct information for the public is essential”, Sanchez stressed.

Adra council will therefore continue to put out information on this sort of recycling “so that residents are aware of the location and to promote their participation”, he added.


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