Visit to Costa Blanca hospital lands suspected robbers in custody

SUSPECTS: Two men were arrested on suspicion of robbery while receiving treatment for a foot injury. CREDIT: Wikipedia

TWO suspected robbers were arrested at San Juan University Hospital while one of them received treatment for a foot injury, believed to have been sustained while breaking into a home in Muchamiel.

A witness to the alleged crime contacted police with a good description of the pair, having heard ‘loud noises in the courtyard’ of a neighbouring property. According to reports, the witness said he saw a man limping, ‘apparently badly wounded’, while a second male went to his aid.

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Staff at the hospital confirmed one of two men was being treated for a foot injury as a result of a fall. After identifying the suspects, officers searched them and discovered the keys for a high-end car stolen from Malaga, which was parked in the hospital car park.

Inside the vehicle, police reportedly found jewellery worth €10,000, €300 in cash, several tools, a torch and gloves.

Police sources confirmed the items ‘came from at least one robbery with force’.

The Guardia Civil is now investigating the relationship between the 36-year-old Spaniard and the 31-year-old from Panama. According to police sources, there has been a reduction in the number of thefts in Muchamiel since their arrest on January 21. They are awaiting a trial date.


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