Students from across Europe visit La Nucia Rescue Dogs Training Camp for live demonstration

FIRST HAND: Students and teachers from across Europe get a glimpse of the vital work carried out by La Nucia’s Rescue Dogs. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de La Nucia

THE incredible work of La Nucia Rescue Dogs was shared with students and teachers during a live demonstration at the training camp yesterday.

Sixty-eight pupils and 16 secondary teachers from the UK, Spain, Norway and Croatia saw first-hand how the canines recover trapped victims from collapsed structures, as part of the Eramus+KA229 project.

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A dozen instructors/guides and their respective dogs, managed by NGO USAR 13, took part in the demonstration, joined by Councillor for La Nucia’s Animal Protection Department, Jessica Gommans.

Several students hid in different parts of the camp, and the dogs were tasked to find them, to show how the animals work in the face of natural disasters.

A ‘scenario of collapsed buildings’ such as those found after an earthquake, for example, was also simulated to make the demonstration as real as possible.

Eramus+ is a European Union programme that supports education, training and sport for secondary students. This particular project is called ‘Let’s trek on Europe’s tracks’, and its central focus is hiking and the environment. And as part of their activities in Spain, participating countries chose to visit the camp to see for themselves the work of the rescue dogs.


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