Health and Beauty News: Perfect your selfie smile with these pearly white tips

Flash those pearly whites: Maintain a good level of oral hygiene. CREDIT: Medical News

Been doubling down on the espressos? Lots of rich food over the holiday period? Or just trying to show a perfect smile in your selfies?

All good reasons to make you stop and think about why your teeth may be taking a trip to the dark(er) side.

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It´s important to maintain a good level of oral hygiene. Cleaning your teeth removes debris from food which can cause stains. Brushing will also reduce tartar and the build-up of plaque.

Nicotine and tar in cigarettes are a major cause for discolouring your teeth as well as other serious health issues. So, if you want to stay white for longer, stub out those stinky cigarettes.

Visit your dentist regularly, where they will check for decay and can give you a quick scale and polish to remove tartar. They can also advise if it’s suitable for you to have a further teeth whitening procedure.

You may be accustomed to using a straw with your cocktails but using a straw for all drinks will prevent stain-causing beverages from coming into contact with your teeth. This is particularly true of highly acidic drinks such as orange juice, which can affect the quality of the enamel and make you more prone to tooth discolouration.

In general, try to reduce the amount of wine, tea, coffee and fizzy drinks you consume as these all cause discolouration.

Taking these little steps and cutting down on these items as much as possible will prolong the life of your newly whitened teeth. If you do eat or drink any of them, be sure to thoroughly clean your teeth afterwards.


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