Talking conflict resolution with Costa Almeria school kids

LESSONS: Youngsters learn about the best way to prevent violent behaviour. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

THE best way to deal with violence is the central topic in a programme of talks for young people in Adra.

The council’s Social Services department and the Municipal Women’s Centre have worked together on the initiative, under which 200 pupils in municipal schools are learning about the prevention of violent behaviour and conflict resolution.

The Presidency, Social Services and Education councillors, Jose Crespo, Patricia Berenguel and Pedro Peña, joined the council experts overseeing the talks, Family Team social worker Lola Sanchez and the women’s centre psychologist Adoración Ortega, at the Abdera school to take part in the initiative.


“Young people are an essential pillar of our society, and hence we wanted to do our bit to orientate them so they themselves know how best to deal with possible moments of conflict”, the Education councillor commented.

Using action-participatory methodology, the activity includes explaining the difference between aggression and violence and how to resolve conflict through social habits. The youngsters then have to apply what they have learned to a practical exercise.

They also learn about the prevention of violence on social media.


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