Malaga continues lucky streak with another Spanish lottery win

On a roll: Another €210,000 to Malaga. Credit: Shutterstock

Lucky Malaga

THE luck of the ONCE draws continues to smile on Malaga. 

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After the prize of 2000 per month for 10 years distributed last Sunday, this Tuesday’s draw delivered another €210,000 to Malaga, where Raquel Torres Caña, has sold five award-winning coupons with €35,000 at her point of sale located on Calle Miguel Moya, number 20, thus distributing a prize of €175,000.

Meanwhile, Alejandro Bueno López, a lottery seller since 2002, has distributed another award-winning coupon with €35,000 in the city of Malaga. Therefore, a total prize of €210,000 has been distributed in the Andalucian province.



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