COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Tribute to Zurgena-born artist Gines Parra

bHOMAGE: The stone bust of Gines Parra is the work of well-known sculptor Luis Ramos CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Zurgena Facebook @ayuntamientodezurgena

ZURGENA has a new permanent tribute to local-born artist Gines Parra.

A white Macael marble bust of the artist created by well-known sculptor Luis Ramos now stands proudly in the courtyard of what is destined to become the Gines Parra museum, ensuring his name lives on 124 years after he was born in Zurgena.

Almeria provincial government Culture and Cinema deputy Manuel Guzman and New Technologies, Safety and Property deputy Domingo Fernandez were among the dignitaries who attended the official unveiling ceremony. Also there were Zurgena Mayor Luis Diaz, Olula Del Rio Deputy Mayor Jose Sanchez and members of Gines Parra’s family.


Parra is described as Almeria’s representative in the so-called Paris School. He is considered one of the most representative Spanish painters of the 20th century Avant-Garde movement, and he shared a friendship and exhibitions with Picasso.

“A whole life in exile, of drama and incomprehension was compensated for in some way by the recognition of the intellectual and artistic elite of his time, both as part of the exclusive school in Paris and for living in comfort, with dignity and the esteem of the world of culture”, Luis Ramos commented.

The sculpture project was a joint effort between Zugena council and the Diputacion de Almeria as part of the ‘Sculpture in our Street’ programme, which is aimed at promoting culture in the province and at making municipalities more attractive.


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