New post office on Costa del Sol Spain to serve 210000 customers

The mayor revisited the refurbished post office

MANY people complain about the services of the Spanish postal service (Correos) both with regards to slow delivery of mail and poor service in post office buildings but hopefully this will all change in Marbella.

The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, visited the renovated main post office in Marbella which has been brought into the 21st Century at a cost of €400,000 and now covers an area of 1,200 square metres.

She congratulated the organisation on its commitment to serve the city from a modern, bright and functional office that has been admired by all.


This post office is second busiest in Andalucia, after the central post office in Granada and handled 210,000 customers during 2019.

It employs 100 staff of whom 20 deal directly with the public and according to a representative of the Correos, average time to wait for service at the counters is less than five minutes in 70 per cent of cases.


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