Fuengirola Mayor Mula in Spain’s Andalucia accepts role as PP President

President of the Partido Popular: Esperanza Oña stands down. Credit: TWITTER

ON Monday Mayor Ana Mula took on the role of the new president of the Partido Popular of Fuengirola. The action was decided by the Local Executive Committee at a meeting on Monday with the provincial president of the PP, Elías Bendodo, and Esperanza Oña, who now leaves the local presidency after 30 years in charge.

“I leave the presidency very calm and happy with what we have achieved these 30 years, but also because I know that I leave the position in good hands,” said Esperanza Oña.

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Elías Bendodo praised the work done by Oña “Fuengirola is the lighthouse of the PP in our province. And it is for people like Esperanza Oña, to whom we have to thank her generosity and her success. Now, with Ana Mula in front, I am sure that the residents of Fuengirola will continue to trust the PP.”

In this way, the mayor, Ana Mula, becomes the leader having remained as general secretary of the group during the last decade and previously as treasurer. During her speech, Mula stated “I don’t believe in magic formulas to get good results and achieve important milestones. I only believe in work, in constant dedication, in permanent service to others and always, always, with high doses of closeness and contact with the people I represent. And that formula, which I know works, our electoral successes in Fuengirola prove it, it is what I am going to put into practice in the PP as president.”




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