Reduce, reuse and recycle, learning to help the environment on the Costa del Sol Spain

Hundreds turned up to learn about recycling Credit: Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola

IN recognition of World Environmental Education Day which was celebrated on Sunday January 26, the Fuengirola Council held their own special event on the following day which attracted hundreds of schoolchildren and their parents to the Plaza de España.

The first of a number of events started at 10.30am where the Auluga Association promoted the concept of the Three Rs (reduce, reuse and when possible recycle) with a collection of printer cartridges which could be refilled.

Following this was a further demonstration by the association concerning recycling as well as an Oceanographic workshop, taught by staff of the Oceanographic Institute of Fuengirola.


Later in the day, a conference explaining the importance of recycling was held in the Town Hal as well as a second entitled climate change and plastics in our seas, which will be hosted by M. Carmen García, a biologist from the Spanish Oceanographic Institute.

The entire event was organised by the local Department of Urban Ecology with a view to raising public awareness of the need for environmental change and the fact that schools allowed so many children to attend obviously impressed the local students.


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