Helping the hard of hearing on Costa del Sol Spain

The mayor indicates the Magnetic Loop signage

OFTEN poor hearing means that a person is unable to attend theatres, concerts or lectures due to the fact that hearing aids can suffer from feedback or simply can’t cope with large areas.

For the cost of €5,783 the Fuengirola council has installed a Magnetic Loop system in three public areas which it believes will make life much more fulfilling for those with hearing problems and will allow them to enjoy public events held in the three halls.

The loop system has been installed in selected areas within the Peace Palace, the Casa Cultura auditorium and the Royal Hall in the Town Hall so that those sitting in the specific vicinity indicated in each hall will be able to hear all that is going on clearly and without distortion.


Signs have been erected to indicate areas in which the loop works and there are a number of seats which will be sure to be perfect for those who need the hearing boost.

The mayor, Ana Mula said, when launching this new development, that her administration has done a great deal to ensure that the town offers equality for all residents and visitors which is why it has promoted beach accessibility for all, pedestrian crossings adapted for those with visual impairment and most recently children’s playgrounds which can cater for everyone regardless of their disability.


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