Helping battle the storm on the Costa del Sol Spain

Making sure the drains were cleared Credit: Benalmadena Civil Protection Force

LAST Saturday night (January 25) the members of the Benalmadena Civil Protection Force were out in large numbers due to the heavy rains and risk of flooding.

Working closely with local fire brigade and council operation services they were particularly involved in closing roads which were considered dangerous and clearing blocked drains so that the rain water could flow easily away.

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With normal rain, the drains would probably have been able to cope but because of the almost monsoon storm, they were simply overwhelmed.

The organisation comes under the authority of the National Ministry of the Interior but at local level is manned by volunteers and is considered to be a very useful tool in assisting when major alerts such as the storms occur, releasing police officers in particular for other duties.

In Benalmadena, members of the force were on the streets for most of Saturday night until the early morning.


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