Growing and planting for the environment in Costa del Sol Spain

Reviewing some of the plants Credit: Ayuntamiento de Mijas

AS a large number of members of the public spent their time at the weekend putting in plants and trees in the hills above Mijas, the Parks and Gardens department confirmed its commitment to removing invasive species and replanting with native vegetation.

During 2019, the municipal nursery produced 1,774 plants including shrubs and trees and already this year, the number has been increased by a further 520.

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Under existing local legislation, the council is required to do what it can to remove ‘foreign’ vegetation and to replace it with local species not only for the good of the environment but in order to balance the ecology of the area.

The council is working in plots, gardens, municipal green areas and along the coastal strip and has to take into account that when invasive trees in particular are felled that that new trees are planted to ensure that no benefit is lost to the community.

Work doesn’t just take place on introduced species but some local trees need to be culled because of poor or dangerous condition as the council has an obligation to safeguard local residents as well as those simply walking along the streets.

By growing as many plants and trees as possible, the council is able to do its bit to alleviate global warming and to save funds for local residents by not purchasing significant numbers of plants.


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