COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Stolen Torrevieja crucifixes recovered

DAMAGED: Both crosses will need to undergo extensive repairs. CREDIT: Cuartel Guardia Civil de Torrevieja @guardiacivil.torrevieja

A SUSPECTED thief is under arrest after Guardia Civil recovered two crucifixes stolen from the figure of the town’s patron saint, the ‘Purisima Concepcion.

Officers found both pieces in the detainee’s home.

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The two crosses have been damaged however and will need to be restored. The one known as the ‘Peacock’ has in fact lost the silver figure from which it took its name.

The parish priest Manuel Martinez and the President of the Hijos de la Inmaculada, Antonio Aniorte, expressed their gratitude to the Guardia Civil team which carried out the investigation into the theft for a job well done.

Footage from the archpriest temple’s surveillance cameras also played an important role in the identification of the suspect.

Aniorte commented on his “bittersweet” reaction to the news that the crosses had been located but would now need to undergo extensive repairs. He said the association would be seeking expert opinions on what will need to be done and how much it will cost.

He also said new chains will have to be bought for the crosses as the originals have not been recovered.

A donation box which was in the Purisima Museum has not been found either, although a laptop which controlled the sound in the parish church has.


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