COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Elche council salary rise to add €1 million to local authority costs

AGREEMENT: The governing team approved a two per cent rise in wages for civil servants. CREDIT:

THE increase in Elche town council staff salaries will add in the regions of €1 million to local authority costs this year, press reported.

The governing team last week accepted a Council of Ministers agreement and approved a two per cent rise in wages for civil servants, which will also benefit councillors and consultants, and which will come into effect in the January pay.

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The rise could go up to three per cent after July in accordance with forecasts for GDP, as set out in the agreement with the central Government.

Elche government spokesman Hector Diez justified the salary increase, commenting that the agreement with the national administration had been outstanding since 2018.

Diez described the agreement as “important”, and said it represented a step forward “given that public civil servants salaries had been frozen for many years, and therefore this agreement is on the line of recovering acquisitive power.”


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