COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Agreement aimed at boosting Elche business innovation

COLLABORATION: The Miguel Hermandez University Science Park will run cooperative actions with a regional business association CREDIT:

THE Elche Miguel Hernandez University Science Park and the CEDELOC regional business association have signed an agreement aimed at promoting innovation and growth.

The two entities will run cooperative actions on training programmes promoted by the science park and training days in the entities’ areas of expertise.

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There will also be efforts to identify and establish joint solutions to different challenges which innovation presents.

The university and PCUMH have been collaborating since 2018 with a view to encouraging business development in Elche through backing for new business projects and support for already established concerns.

The hope is to create synergies between different companies in Elche and the surrounding area, as well as to defend businesses’ socio-economic interests.

A further objective is to channel efforts into making the area’s companies more competitive and to develop relations between the business and education communities.


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