Boffins invited to UK after Brexit to create science superpower

Credit: Monkey Business Shutterstock

WITH the avowed intention of making Britain a ‘global science superpower’ top scientists, researchers and mathematicians will be granted fast-tracked entry to the UK after Brexit.

The decision was announced by Boris Johnson as he invited the “most talented minds in the world” to make their way to the UK.

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The current ‘Global Talent’ visa which will have no limits to the numbers granted will replace the existing ‘Exceptional Talent’ option and applicants will be judged by the UK Research and Innovation organisation.

Applicants will not need to have a pre-arranged job and those who qualify to enter the UK will receive assistance in finding work.

More money will also be made available for research into advanced mathematics and PhDs in the same subject.

Whilst some academics have welcomed the move, the Liberal Democrats have called it a “marketing gimmick” saying that the old visa system had never hit its limit.


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