Rookie Firefighter Delivers Baby On His First Day


A rookie New York firefighter has had an unforgettable first day, as his very first call required him to deliver a newborn baby.

Probationary firefighter Michael Iacovello began his very first shift on Engine Co. 303 last week, when he was called to a woman entering labour at her home.  The mother was in labour with her fourth child and told WCBS, “All of a sudden, I felt like a weird pain then I realized that the baby is coming. We have to do something. We decided to make the 911 call.”

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The team of firefighters arrived at the apartment, naturally hoping that she would be placed into an ambulance and taken directly to a hospital. After assessing the situation, it didn’t take long for them to realise that there wasn’t time for that. 

Firefighter Iacovello told WBCS: “I was really nervous, I was excited, but the training kicked in. She started crying once we suctioned her, and I cut the umbilical cord.”

On Wednesday, Iacovello reunited with Boakye-Aboagye and the healthy baby girl, who was named Obadianah after her mom. “I’m happy to see him, too, and I thank you for everything,” Boakye-Aboagye added. 

The fire department honoured Iacovello and his memorable first day with a celebratory cake which read “It’s a girl! Congratulations Mike!” This was later posted on his Facebook page. 






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