Costa Blanca News: Spanish kidnapper arrested in Murcia


A MAN in his 30s has been arrested, and released on charges, in Murcia for allegedly kidnapping and raping a young woman who he had met online. It has been reported that the suspect of the assault held the woman in a house for more than a week.

The victim was able to escape from the house when a relative of the alleged aggressor found her there. She asked for help and was escorted to her home in Cartagena where she contacted police. According to sources, the woman met the man on a social network site and then travelled to his country house to meet in person. Once there the individual adopted an aggressive attitude to the point of kidnapping and attacking her sexually. After the complaint of the young woman, the Civil Guard proceeded to locate and arrest the suspect, a man of Spanish nationality. In his statement, he argued that they had sex, but it was consensual.

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