Measures to prevent poisoning of dogs on the agenda in Benissa

MEETING SUMMONED: A range of security and preventative measures will be discussed in Benissa next week. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Benissa

MEASURES to prevent the poisoning of dogs in Benissa is just one a number of issues which will be discussed at a meeting of the town’s Local Security Board next week.

Also on the agenda is citizen security in the wake of a number of thefts in rural areas, as well as issues relating to gender violence. It is also expected representatives of the local Guardia Civil will be asked to increase current police resources.

The meeting at the Town Hall on Wednesday, February 5, has been called by Benissa Mayor, Arturo Poquet, the municipal secretary, Matías Gomis, the subdelegate of the government, Araceli Poblador, Councillor for security, Ximo Nadal, representative for Local Police, Guardia Civil and National Police, the head of the unit against gender violence, Mode Salazar, and the representatives of the rest of the political groups.



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