Kids plays in English are being performed on Costa Blanca Spain

Three little pigs come to Alicante Credit: AGA ES Shutterstock

ALTHOUGH aimed at youngsters trying to learn English, a series of Saturday shows at the Teatro Principal in Alicante City would be good fun for English children as well.

Each Saturday at noon in February there will be a different live presentation in the theatre hall exhibition space with tickets costing just €5 per person.

February 1 the show will be Three Little Pigs, an original story starring three naughty pigs Brad Pig, Gregory Pig and Johny Pig who will sing, as they build their houses with different materials and see them blown down.


February 8 it is the turn of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, the traditional story of a town invaded by mice and rats but in this show in order to get the right result, the children have to join in.

February 15 is an original story Unhambo a journey around the world and features Aluna (meaning approach) who wants to see the sights and sounds of different cultures.

February 22 features a very hungry wolf, a goat mother who likes to sing, and seven naughty little goats. Will the ingenious wolf fool the little goats before his mother returns?

February 29 sees Cinderella ask the audience for help through song and dance and two super-fun stepsisters.



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