Alcoy branches out with tree planting scheme


ALMOST 100 trees of a variety of species have been planted in an Alcoy neighbourhood to enhance the local environment.

The council has completed the repopulation scheme in Calle Doña, having first pruned the existing olive trees and white pines, which have been conserved.

The selected species were integrated, both for their visual appeal and their suitability to the soil.


In total, 95 trees have been planted, made up of linden, larch, pine, ash, Valencian oak, sorbus and ivory varieties, combining deciduous and evergreen species.

In addition to this project, the rural access roads between the Font del Quinzet, Racó de Sant Bonaventura and Via Verda have also recently been refurbished.

Councillor for Participatory Democracy, Teresa Sanjuan, said: “With participatory budgets we carry out initiatives that are a priority for our citizens, we continue to move forward in the implementation of projects, and soon we expect to announce the completion of others.”





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