Huge benefits of moving to LED to save energy on Costa del Sol Spain

Fuengirola mayor Ana Mula promotes LED

WITH immediate effect the Fuengirola council is embarking on an ambitious four year programme aimed at reducing greenhouse gasses and saving almost €500,000 per year.

There are 12,500 lampposts and publicly controlled lights within the municipality and it is the intention of the council to steadily replace all of the lights with energy saving LEDs.

It is estimated that this programme will mean that when complete, Fuengirola will emit 1,361 tons less of CO2 into the atmosphere and after the initial cost of replacing the lights, there will be an ongoing saving in cash and environmental terms.


Since 2014, the council has replaced 4,500 bulbs with LED lights but on a piece meal basis and that action alone had reduced energy consumption by 19 per cent already but this shows a real commitment to benefit both the environment and council coffers.


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