Costa del Sol: President of Vox Malaga asked to step aside

Attempts to replace Vox Malaga president: Internal management problems. CREDIT: VOX DE MALAGA

THE president of Vox Malaga, José Enrique Lara, has been ‘invited’ to leave his post and make room for a new party leader in the province.

“We have asked him to step aside. We are looking for greater management within the party ”, highlights a prominent Vox militant in Malaga, who through various WhatsApp groups and face-to-face meetings with affiliates, is trying to remove Lara from the post.

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Attempts to dethrone Lara are not a new occurrence. In the middle of last year, party militants led by Martín Ortega, tried unsuccessfully to bring forward a motion of censure. Critics point out the lack of transparency and problems with the internal management of the party with appointments such as that of Patricia Rueda, deputy in Congress and number one in the two calls of the 2019 general elections, which was without the approval of the national leadership. 

Lara met the Provincial Executive Committee and told them that Rueda had “the endorsement of Madrid.” However, it was suggested that he had tricked the party by saying that there was an agreement with the party’s leadership as it was later discovered that a local businessman knew Rueda and introduced her to Lara.

The alleged lie led to many members resignations.


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