What, where and why of Javea noise in the Costa Blanca


JAVEA town hall has commissioned an acoustic map to analyse the existing noise levels in the municipality.

The map will also help to identify the principal sources of noise pollution, differentiating between rural areas, urban districts, roads, industrial estates, residential neighbourhoods and zones with a dense concentration of bars and pubs. The map will pay particular attention to the effects of noise pollution on areas that are specially protected owing to their environmental value or the presence of schools and public health centres.

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The contract to produce the map has been awarded to the Centre for the study and Control of Noise (CECOR), which put in the best economic estimate that also incorporated a plan for establishing bylaws to implement their findings. CECOR will take seven months to record noise levels in all Javea areas while identifying their sources, the town hall explained. The study will also take into account the noise that is generated by traffic, charting levels in all streets, while diagnosing the general situation and proposing the measures that should be taken in each area.



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