Environmental concerns as maritime species are threatened in Spain’s Mallorca

Significant amounts of waste have been found in Cala Anguila. Credit: Toni Cirer

ALARMING figures have been released from the Federation of Caves in the Balearic Islands which indicated that there is a 10-metre-high accumulation of waste under Cuevas Genovesa in Cala Anguila in Mallorca, Spain.

Describing the pollution as a ‘huge mountain’, the Federation states that the waste is a mixture of faeces and organic matter in addition to significant amounts of plastics.

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Due to the threat posed to maritime species and human health, the Federation has declared the cave as a ‘Zone of Special Conservation’ (ZEC), denouncing the concerning issue to the Ministry of Environment.

Last December, a local conservation group had warned the government about the high concentration of waste which they believed had ended up in the sea due to a poor functioning of sewage systems.

Analysis is now being carried out to find a way to remove the waste without damaging the cave.


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