COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Tree replanting in Los Alcazares to reap multiple benefits

SPECIES: The council has chosen jacaranda as one type of tree for parks and gardens. CREDIT: Shutterstock

LOS Alcazares council is planning to plant some 80 trees in the municipality’s public parks and gardens and green spaces.

The local authority is investing some €90,000 trees of different species and sizes under a municipal Reforestation Plan and maintains there will be several benefits.

Mayor Mario Cervero said studies show that trees are a natural way to help prevent “avenues of water” from forming in the event of torrential rains and that the planting will be a measure for “fighting the major problem in Los Alcazares.”


What’s more, Cervero pointed out, the trees will create shaded areas and will make the municipality look more attractive.

The trees the council has chosen, which include jacaranda and Mediterranean hackberry, will will be planted in Calle Rio Alberche, Avenido Rio Nalon, the Mineria roundabout, the Los Narejos seafront promenade, Calle Pintor Miguel Angel, Calle Andromeda and Calle Diana. 


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