COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Los Alcazares mugging suspects cuffed

TARGETS: The muggers picked on people walking alone at night CREDIT: Shutterstock

GUARDIA Civil have cuffed two youngsters suspected of a series of muggings in Los Alcazares.

The Guardia first launched an investigation in November following a spate of hits on passers-by in several streets of Los Alcazares town.

Initial investigations focused on the area where the muggings took place and interviews with the victims and possible witnesses.


It became clear the attacks were usually at night and always at times when there were few people around, the victims walking on their own. The robbers crept up on the victims and surprised them, using violence to get what they were after, which was mainly mobile phones and cash.

Investigators managed to identify and locate the two young suspects: two Moroccan residents of Los Alcazares, both aged 20.

The Guardia have linked the pair to five muggings in the municipality, but have not ruled out the possibility that they are responsible for other similar crimes.


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