Costa Blanca News: Help the horses with Rojales charity

Many rescued animals at the centre: Fight against animal cruelty.Credit: Easy Horse Care

EASY Horse Care Rescue Centre is now experiencing the most pressure they have ever been under in the 11 years they have been up and running. The financial situation is crippling the Foundation so much they have to let some of the workers go as they just cannot find the resources to pay their wages.

There are so many rescued animals at the centre in need of care and to also helping in making a stand with the Police against animal cruelty. The Police have said that if EHCRC could not take these abused and abandoned equines then they could not pursue prosecutions. EHCRC cannot easily reduce the number of equines they have as due to working with the Police, the majority of the animals must remain at the Centre as they are part of the judicial process and are not the Centre’s to give up for adoption. Those few that don’t fall under these conditions and could be adopted aren’t because they are not suitable for riding and come with long term and often costly health care needs which most people do not want.

Adding insult to injury EHCRC have now been informed that strict measures need to be put in place in all their Charity Shops and they should now be treated like any other business and will therefore now be paying 21 per cent on takings.


More than ever the centre now needs the public’s help and support to not only look after those most at risk equines but to continue with the fight to change the future of animal welfare in Spain. The volunteers thank the public for your support and kindness and ask that people please contribute in whatever way you can – donating, volunteering, sharing.

Readers can visit the website for all details



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