150 students will benefit from EU funding on Costa del Sol Spain

The visitors to the centre Credit: Facebook

MINDFUL of the number of young people who are unemployed, the Benalmadena council has created a new project Benemplea to teach skills thanks to a grant of nearly €850,000 from the European Social Fund.

In the long term, it is planned to train 150 local residents in five different areas, Basic Operations of Apartments in Lodgings, Bar Cafeteria Services, Auxiliary Trade Activities, Social and Health Care for Dependents in Social Institutions and Auxiliary Activities in Nurseries, Gardens and Garden Centres and the first 75 students are already in place.

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This is a two year programme and the council will be committing some €218,000 to Benemplea but believes that the long-term benefits of this investment will generate work and repay the investment over time, especially with healthy funding from the European Union.

Members of the council visited the Benalforma Municipal Training Centre to chat with the students and discover how they were getting on and during the visit, the students of the Bar and Cafeteria Service served brunch to the visitors and their colleagues.

During the courses, many of the students will have work experience and some will enjoy internships with different local companies with the aim that when they complete their training they will find it easy to obtain work within the municipality.


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