New group to help the donkeys used as taxis on Costa del Sol Spain

After a hard day at work Credit: MDMP Facebook

MUCH has been made about the treatment of the donkeys which operate the ‘taxi’ service in Mijas Pueblo and although it is not a long standing tradition as some think, it appears to be a lucrative undertaking for those who own the animals.

A new bylaw has been introduced whereby overweight ‘passengers’ should not be carried and a number of local residents and caring members of the public are keeping an eye on the continued treatment of the donkeys.

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Now a new organisation, the Mijas Donkey Movement Project UK which was founded as recently as the end of October last year is to have a public open day on February 1 which will run from 1pm to 6pm with live music and vegan food, plus of course some donkeys.

The MDMP is a non-profit organisation created with a positive approach, to support, and help to create solutions to the current conditions in Mijas Pueblo.

Their overall aim is to help to improve the overall welfare of the donkeys of Mijas and whilst they don’t agree with the use of the donkeys they would rather work with the owners than try to simply shut them down.

Details of the organisation, the background to the Mijas donkeys and a map showing their location can be found at


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