Costa del Sol News: New model market as Mercadona moves to El Pinillo, Torremolinos

New store model:Completely renovated design Credit: Shutterstock

MERCADONA is to open a new efficient store model in El Pinillo, Torremolinos in the second half of 2020. The new store will reinforce excellence in service and optimize the purchases of its customers with some fresh ideas.

The store will have a sales hall area of 1,800 square metres and a completely renovated design compared to the previous store model with new colours and materials, both on the exterior facade and throughout the different sections of the store.  This model will be gradually implemented in the 88 Mercadona supermarkets in the province. However, it will mean the closure of the stores on Avenida Carlota Alessandri and Calle Los Verdiales, but the supermarket chain is committed to maintaining all the jobs of both supermarkets and hopes to transfer employees to the new site.

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