Boris Johnson encouraged to negotiate individual US State trade deals

Dr Liam Fox whilst still a cabinet minister Credit: G20 Argentina flickr

FORMER Secretary of State for International Trade under Theresa May and a staunch Brexiteer has taken the opportunity to give public advice to Boris Johnson with regards to trade deals with the USA.

He considers that it is more than likely that there will be a considerable delay in setting in place a deal with the American federal government due to the British decision to support the EU ban on chlorinated chicken, a method of removing parasites from the meat.

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Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers has already confirmed that the ban will stay in place following Brexit and with other disagreements on agricultural matters any deal could be long and torturous.

Dr Fox has suggested therefore that the Conservative government should look to enter into individual deals with the most affluent of the US States such as California, Florida, New York and Texas which have huge economies and are allowed to enter into trade deals under US law.


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