Blessing of the animals a long standing traditional on Costa del Sol Spain

The blessing of the animals Credit: Mijas Comunicación FMR Twitter

LAST Friday was the feast day of Saint Anthony and across much of Spain people bring their pets to church for a blessing.

The Hermitage of San Anton in Osunillas above Mijas Pueblo is a perfect setting for the local priest to follow the tradition and a large number of animal lovers turned up with their pets, most of which were well-behaved to enjoy the traditional mass.

Mijas mayor Josele González is proud of the diverse events that occur across the municipality which reinforce solidarity amongst residents and attract tourists during the year.


According to local folklore if a small stone is thrown at the statue of the saint and hits, the person throwing will soon find a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

The mass started at noon with a large congregation enjoying the decent weather and once the animals had been blessed, there was a general get together with a traditional meal featuring callos (tripe) which was prepared in huge vats by members of the Butlers of Osunillas who also organised the whole event.


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