Another edition of Teulada-Moraira’s emblematic yacht race in the Costa Blanca

PRE-RACE LAUNCH: Collaborators in the emblematic race. Photo credit: Pep Portas

THE 300 Millas A3 regatta, organised by Moraira’s Club Nautica, is now underway.

Yachts with crews of three, compete over 300 sea miles (555.6 kilometres) for the Grefusa Trophy, now one of the Valencian Community’s most emblematic. Together with Grefusa, Teulada-Moraira town hall, the Regulatory Council of D.O. Valencian Wines and Valencian Community’s Sailing Federation also collaborate with the race.

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Some days earlier, during the pre-race launch of the regatta’s 19th edition held at the Regulatory Council’s Valencia City headquarters, Jesus Marti from Grefusa emphasised company’s pride in being part of the event. Adrian Ruiz, Teulada-Moraira’s Sports councillor pointed out that as well as one of the year’s most important sailing events, the 300 Millas A3 was good and gave “added value” to the town’s tourist offer.

Ruiz was echoed by Cosme Gutierrez, president of Valencian wine’s Regulatory Council. “This is an important showcase for the Council and for Valencian wines because drinking wine–always with moderation–is a good, and healthful nourishment.”



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