Repair Café concept arrives in Andalucia and Costa del Sol Spain

Discussing the type of repairs that can be made Credit: Ayuntamiento de Mijas

THE Mijas council is very aware of the need to be part of the fight against global warming and to cut deadly emissions and after the recent Climate Summit in Madrid is taking on the responsibility of doing its bit to help.

The council department responsible for energy efficiency will launch Andalucia’s first Repair Café following the examples of Barcelona, Madrid and Toledo.

The concept first emerged in Amsterdam several years ago and is very simple in that it encourages those with the skills to repair electrical items to attend a Repair Café on a regular basis to offer their services free of charge to try to get broken electrical items working again.


It won’t always be possible, but on many occasions, items which could be easily and cheaply repaired are thrown away adding to the problems of disposal which is often at landfill.

The plan is that once a month, the council will announce a time and date for the Repair Café to take place and is now appealing to those who would like to volunteer their services or would be happy to take part in running repair classes to email [email protected]  for further information.

There are now 1,850 of these cafes operating in 40 countries around the world but there are just six in Spain, so not only will Mijas being doing its bit to combat climate change but hopefully will inspire other councils on the Costa del Sol to follow in its footsteps.



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