Costa del Sol News: Man arrested in Malaga following shots in Las Flores.

A 32-year-old Spanish man arrested: Arsenal of weapons discovered.Credit: Twitter

NATIONAL Police have arrested a 32-year-old man of Spanish nationality in the capital of Malaga for his alleged involvement in the crime of public disorder.

According to the inquiries, the young man is responsible for the altercations that occurred in December in the Las Flores neighbourhood, in which shotgun shots were fired.

The investigation originated from the interventions of the National Police and the Local Police of Malaga after two notices on December 9 and 13 in which loud bangs were heard in Las Flores.


At the source of these altercations, officers discovered a kitchen knife, a golf club, a steel stick, a wooden stick, a sickle and a shotgun cartridge.

As a result of the inquiries, the officers obtained information leading to the identity of the alleged perpetrator of the public disorders and brought him into custody.


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