Costa del Sol News: Animal cruelty case continues in Torremolinos

Dogs and cats sacrificed unjustifiably: Parque Animal president, Carmen Marín. CREDIT: Twitter

THE case of the false pet care centre in Torremolinos, where hundreds of dogs and cats were sacrificed unjustifiably, continues. Animal rights associations recently held a demonstration to recover the lands handed over by the council to Parque Animal, whose president, Carmen Marín, has been in prison since late 2017 for crimes of document falsification and animal abuse. The association continues to exploit public lands although the sentence of three years and nine months in jail against Marín was issued by the Criminal Court of Malaga in December 2016.

The animal protection centre is currently managed by unaCanes, however, it continues in the name of Parque Animal. Despite the ruling, the council has not withdrawn the concession that the Marin association has on the land where in 2010 several officers of the Servicio de Protección a la Naturaleza discovered, during an inspection, freezers full with dozens of animals, some of them who were not yet suffering from rigor mortis as had only recently died. 

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