COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Local Police report rubbish dumpers trashing Vera street

INCONSIDERATE: Piles of rubbish were just left on the road. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Vera

VERA Local Police have reported three local residents for dumping piles of rubbish on the street next to skips and outside regulation waste disposal hours.

The heap of trash on Avenida Brasil prompted investigations to try and find out who the inconsiderate individuals responsible for the mess were. Documentation found among the rubbish led to their identification.

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The three now face fines of up to €600 for serious infringements of the regulations established by the Consorcio de Basuras Almanzora – Levante rubbish collection service.

“Our commitment to the public is to promote greater civic responsibility in relation to looking after the town, and if to achieve this we have to penalize behaviour which fails to comply with that set out in the bylaws we are not going to shy away from doing so”, commented Vera Deputy Mayor and Public Safety councillor Alfonso Garcia.

“The cleanliness of Vera is one of the government team’s priorities”, Garcia added, “but we cannot make Vera the municipality that every wants alone; we need the collaboration of the public so that our town shines in the way it deserves.

“Having a cleaner town is everyone’s business.”

Vera council reported that one of the measures aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour the administration is currently working on is a new bylaw on the protection of urban areas, which will soon come into force.

It will set out basic regulations on the care and protection of public spaces and urban furniture “with the objective of contributing to improving the quality of life of all residents”, the local authority said.


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